How it works

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How it works

Over the past decade, every property of ours, we’ve tackled in the U.K with full zest. Hence why we can confidently say due to our high yields and outstanding profit margins, we are one of the fastest developers out there. All properties, stringently follow these steps:

Finance and Purchase

We allow investors to invest on a fixed return basis of usually 8%-10% based on project size. Once on an agreement of purchased property, we give a security measure, allocating them an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), which shows the agreed project share and immediate upfront expenses.

Design and Build

We focus on properties with an existing residential element or that benefit from planning permissions whilst applications are made to add more residential units.

Maximise Efficiency

The properties we pre-sell and pre-let are finished to a very high standard. Anyone who wants to pay for a property can pay in advance using one of our flexible pricing structures. Plus, we also maximise the efficiency of a property, by offering discounts to advance payments for every 6 months or a year.

Significant Capital Gain

Any investment with a large number of funds, we guarantee a 8%-10% ROI for each investor, which can allow the return to be paid on a pro-rata basis in a term of 1-5 years.

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